Compass Advisory Program

Our Passion is retrieving the Value Gap in businesses and applying it to Real Value.


CFO LOGIC's Compass Program will Chart a Course for you and your business to add unrealized value. Adding value needs to be part of your business plans and processes, as it is not created upon a sale or transfer of a business. Plan now and contact us today.

Our Compass Advisory Program is our premier service and is a Membership & Monthly Subscription-based program. This CFO-as-a-Service is designed to add value to your business. 

Remote Bookkeeping & Accounting

Whether you are a seasoned business or a young business, you need clear and concise data and the interpretation of this data. Proper strategic & planning decisions cannot be made without this. CFO LOGIC will map out data from your business operations in order to give you a clear and concise picture on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. 

Full-service HR Department

Our full-service HR solution delivers

We’ll match you with a package of HR solutions that truly fits your business. You’ll get access to better benefits, time-saving technology, and the first-class service you deserve – complete with dedicated support.

Fractional Remote CFO

While you focus on growing your business, a fractional CFO will help you understand key performance numbers, pricing, setting and achieving realistic revenue and profit goals, ratios, and much more. CFO LOGIC will help you “see through your numbers” to repair, build, and grow a truly profitable, successful business. A Virtual CFO will become an asset to your organization

Business Calculation of Value (BV)

 Contrary to popular belief, a business is not valued on how special it is, how many assets it has, or how late the owner worked the evening before he/she met with the buyer!  In fact, the Business Valuation takes a market approach, pragmatically determining the “Most Probable Sales Price” by approaching what the business would be worth to a future business owner


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