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With our HR Channel Partner's full-service solution, you’ll get administrative relief, reduced liabilities, and dedicated HR support, while your employees get access to better benefits.

Employee benefits

Offer Access to Better Benefits. Attract Top Talent.

Our unique plan design and long-term relationships with national medical insurance carriers allow us to provide employees with access to cost-effective, comprehensive group health coverage

Medical, dental and vision

Several offerings to satisfy individual needs.

  • Multiple options

  • Nationally recognized carriers

  • Dental and vision coverage independent of medical

  • Prescription coverage

Flexible spending account

Employees can save money each year with a flexible spending account.

  • Eligible employees can pay for specific health care expenses using pretax dollars

  • Employees decide how much to set aside each paycheck before taxes

  • Employees can contribute up to $2,600 annually

  • Funds may also be used toward expenses for eligible dependents

Health savings account program

Employees can cover qualified health care expenses using a health savings account.

  • Available to Insperity high-deductible health plan enrollees

  • Money can be set aside through payroll deduction on a pretax basis

  • Ability to make employer contributions

Basic term life and personal accident insurance

Team members will have peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

  • Eligible employees are automatically enrolled

  • Coverage amounts are equal to an employee’s covered annual earnings

  • Employees are covered anywhere

Basic disability insurance

An extra cushion employees need when unforeseen events make it difficult to work.

  • Eligible employees are automatically enrolled

  • Short-term disability coverage replaces 60% of an employee’s covered weekly earnings

  • Long-term disability coverage replaces 60% of an employee’s covered monthly earnings

Employee assistance program

Improve the quality of employees’ lives both on and off the job.

  • Assistance with emotional well-being, addiction and recovery, legal matters and more

  • All members of an Insperity employee’s household are eligible for prepaid, professional counseling

  • Most services are available at no cost

401(k) Plan (optional at an additional cost)

Professionally managed, low-cost plan that minimizes the burden of daily administration and compliance.

  • Various eligibility options, 100% immediate vesting and flexible employer contributions

  • Pre-tax and Roth contributions, automatic enrollment, and loans and in-service withdrawals

  • With the Insperity 401(k) Plan, Insperity assumes the responsibilities and fiduciary obligations of plan sponsorship

  • Our channel l partners's 401(k) Plan undercuts average industry fees by 40-60 percent

  • Other customized 401(k) options are available

HR admin and payroll

Corporate Payroll Services

We process your payroll, handle administrative tasks, and take care of routine employee-related paperwork – so you don’t have to.

Payroll processing and administration

Convenient paycheck delivery, compliance support, and payroll tax filing.

  • Timely and efficient payroll processing for direct deposit, payroll debit card or e-paystub

  • Administer simple payroll tax filing on wages that we pay, including W-2s and W-4s

  • Online review and approval of payroll with support from a payroll specialist

  • Payroll record maintenance and management

  • FICA, FUTA, SUTA withholding and remittance

Time and attendance tracking

Take control of your payroll expenses with an integrated time and attendance system.

  • Employee time-tracking, scheduling, PTO accrual and clock-ins with easy payroll integration

  • Collect and analyze your payroll data in real-time

HR administration

Reduce or eliminate employee-related paperwork that drains your valuable time.

  • Paperless new-hire onboarding

  • End-to-end benefit plan management and administration for Insperity’s sponsored plans

  • Employment eligibility verification


Trust Insperity to manage garnishments with precision.

  • Managed by Insperity’s payroll professionals every pay period

  • Remitted directly to the appropriate government agency

  • Garnishments include, but aren’t limited to, student loans, levies and child support orders


Create unique payroll data reports in minutes.

  • Automated reports with at-a-glance look at your employee data

  • 50+ built-in reports

  • Custom-built reports available for certain businesses

Employee self-service

A self-service hub gives employees 24/7 access to their employment information.

  • View pay stubs, W-2s, timesheets, PTO balances and more

  • Manage and make changes to benefits and 401(k) plans

Risk management

Limit Employer-Related Liability

When you join Insperity, you gain access to the coverage you need to help minimize risks. We’re by your side to help safeguard your future.

Workers’ compensation and claims resolution

Get claims administration and coordination assistance, and decrease workers’ comp costs.

  • A workers’ compensation policy that provides medical and indemnity benefits for compensable work-related injuries

  • Specialists help you arrange return-to-work opportunities for employees

  • We monitor the third-party claims administrator on lost time or questionable injury claims

Employment practices liability insurance

Safeguard your business against employment-related claims that can harm profitability; coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Employment-related wrongful termination

  • Discrimination

  • Workplace torts

  • Sexual harassment claims

Hazard and safety review and training

Our safety consultants consider general exposures, hazards, and controls then work with you to develop ways to correct any deficiencies.

  • Onsite visits to determine your needs

  • Hazard-control programs for certain industries

  • OSHA-required training programs

  • Design a safety program for your unique operation

Employee relations

Our HR specialists are available to counsel supervisors on all aspects of an employee’s life cycle.

  • Interviewing and selection training

  • Performance management guidance

  • Substance abuse prevention

  • Liability management training

Employee handbooks

Communicate performance expectations to employees through written policies and procedures.

  • A review of your company’s existing policies to identify potential problems or omissions

  • Create new policies or revise current ones to bring them into compliance with employment laws and regulations

  • Assist in developing a communication plan to educate employees

Termination assistance

Know exactly what to do when tasked with a layoff or termination.

  • Guidance on how to document reasons for termination

  • Guidance on terminations, including any compliance-related requirements

  • Preferred pricing on career services, including outplacement and career development

HR-related compliance

HR Compliance Services 

Our HR specialists monitor and communicate changes to certain employment-related government statutes and regulations that may affect your business, so you can make the necessary adjustments before it’s too late.

Unemployment claims assistance

Get claims administration and coordination support.

  • End-to-end unemployment claims processing

  • Complete investigation and reporting of separation issues to the state unemployment agency

  • Unemployment state tax account audits to confirm accuracy

Fair Credit Reporting Act/Ban the Box guidance

Get hand-in-hand support, so you can rest assured your hiring process isn’t putting your business at risk.

  • Administrative support to assist with compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other local ordinances, and state and federal employment laws

  • Explanation of background-check results

  • Compliance assistance with pre-adverse and adverse actions

  • Compliance with local, state or federally required individualized assessments

Reporting and agency interface

Limit potential exposure to wage claims and Department of Labor audits with the help of our specialists.

  • Guidance regarding your exempt/nonexempt classifications

  • Wage claim or DOL audit administrative assistance

  • Mandatory state and federal labor law posters

Drug-free workplace policies

Create fair and compliant drug-testing procedures with the help of our specialists.

  • Drug-free workplace policy administration assistance

  • Pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable cause and random drug testing

  • Licensed and/or certified substance abuse professionals as part of the employee assistance program

EEOC services

Lean on a team of proven professionals to help you properly respond to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other fair employment practices agencies.

  • Written responses to appropriate agencies

  • Mediation and negotiation guidance and support

  • Hotline for employee grievances

Talent management

Build and Nurture a Loyal Team

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Our HR professionals will provide personalized guidance and tools, so you can recruit ideal talent, offer effective training, and drive high performance.

Recruiting and outplacement support

Our seasoned recruiters help you make your hiring practices more proficient and cost-effective.

  • Recruiting program review and recommendations

  • Job description review and development

  • Interview training

Performance management support

Implement a performance appraisal system to help determine promotions, bonuses, and salary reviews.

  • Customized performance standards and appraisal process

  • Individual and team goal development

  • Coaching for supervisors

Compensation services

Build a competitive compensation program that motivates employees to meet performance goals.

  • Base pay structures

  • Tools and materials to develop bonus incentive pay plans

  • Current compensation trends

Training and development

Access a variety of training resources that can help you maximize employee performance.

  • Specialist to identify and address performance improvement opportunities

  • 5,000+ self-paced courses in business, technology, compliance and more

  • 30,000+ online books

  • Instructor-led virtual training

  • Professional education units (CPE and PDU) for select courses

Liability management training

Our HR specialists routinely train supervisors on key policy issues that affect workplace behaviors.

  • Discrimination and harassment prevention

  • Fair and consistent performance appraisals

  • Effective employee counseling

  • HR fundamentals for supervisors

  • Interviewing and selection skills

Company culture development

Work with our specialists to create a company culture that keeps employees engaged and productive.

  • Climate surveys

  • Mission, vision and values development

  • A customized reward and recognition program

HR tech and reliable service

HR Technology Services

Unmatched HR guidance and flexible service


A dedicated team of proven HR professionals

  • A small team of HR specialists is assigned to your account to provide HR guidance and coordinate the delivery of your services.

Not a call center

  • You get direct access – phone number and email address – to your HR service team.

Extensive compliance support

  • Your U.S.-based service team is located within your business’s region – they know the HR-related issues that are specific to your area.

Proactive notifications

  • A service team member alerts you of significant changes to local, state, and federal HR-related laws and regulations.

Speed to service

  • Responses to your requests are timely, usually within two hours during regular business hours.

Proven HR expertise

  • On average, each service team has more than 60 years of professional HR experience combined.

Unmatched follow-through

  • From employee relations to benefits questions, we’ll help navigate the HR issues that your company faces from start to finish.


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