Compass Advisory Program Q&A

Q: "I'm committed to my business. I know it best." ~ Business Owner

A: "The solution we utilize was originally Researched & Developed at MIT by experts who understand the key factors that drive value - the methodology delivers a systematic, holistic and repeatable way of assessing your business" ~ CFO LOGIC

Q: I don't have the time or resources for exit planning - I'm too busy." ~ Business Owner

A: "With our 15-minute FREE assessment survey, you will have 3 essential understandings of your business. We will show you the 1. operational strength and 2. value of your business, 3. benchmarked against your industry, showing what the company could be worth if it performed like its strongest peers. ​​~ CFO LOGIC

Q: "I don't know where to begin." ~ Business Owner

A: "After our FREE survey, and after you engage us as your advisor, the solution starts by providing a clear picture of how your business is performing - holistically as well as by each key-value category. Key recommendations are made for each Value Driver Category, making it easy to set priorities and ensuring you're getting the biggest bang for your efforts." ~ CFO LOGIC

Q: I don't have any immediate intention of selling my business." ~ Business Owner

A: Great! That gives you more time to reap the benefits for yourself.

Rome was not built in a day - adding value to your business is a continuous process.

Understanding how key initiatives impact your company's value will help set priorities and ensure the best use from your time." ~ CFO LOGIC

Q: "I already have an idea of what my company's worth. A competitor sold last year for ___ X earnings." ~ Business Owner

A: "Assessing the key quantitative and qualitative factors that impact the ability to generate cash flows, results in valuations that meet the requirements of today's new economic realities." ~ CFO LOGIC

Q: "Getting them to agree on what kind of coffee to buy is almost impossible. How am I going to get everyone on board with this plan?" ~ Business Owner

A: "We encourage participation and input from your entire team. Giving them a voice which leads to better team cohesion and commitment.

Our process has built-in "what if" scenarios with a 360 perspective. Team members can each participate in the process, providing their insights as to the strengths and weaknesses of the business.

Additionally, our approach has built-in contingency plans providing the nimbleness we all need in today's environment. As factors change, you can easily update plans." ~ CFO LOGIC

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