Compass Advisory Program

Discover the Value of Your Life’s Work, So You Can… Drive Profit, Revenue, Cash Flows, and Wealth Creation Through Maximizing Value…

Compass Program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, businesses, and practice builders to discover there Value Gap and how to convert this gap to real value.

Chart Your Course… Don't Drift to Your Destination.
If you plan on exiting and making the maximum return on your business, I have important news… Value is NOT created when you sell. Value is designed in the plan and maximized as you build. If you don’t know your value — it could cost you a fortune… YOUR fortune!

You may contact us today for a FREE analysis and obtain your Discovery Report through our online SaaS system.
During this 15-minute Discovery Phase, we will uncover your Value Gap. Value Gap is the difference between the Current Value and Potential Value. As well as, show you how you compare with other businesses in your industry, plus show you potential red flags in your organization.
After this, the next leg in this journey is to do a 2-hour+ Deep-Dive Analysis and Report.
Then, if you choose, Chart-a-Course together to capture this gap and convert it to Real Value as CFO LOGIC as your advisor.


Qualifying companies in our Compass Program are:
  • $1mm - $15mm + Revenue
  • U.S. Companies Nationwide
  • U.S. Subsidiaries of Foreign Companies​
  • CFO LOGIC is industry agnostic
We employ 18 Core Comprehensive Valuation Drivers to Value & Analyze Your Business
Delivering Benchmark Valuation & Advisory to Close Your Value Gap
Contact us for details. It is designed to add value to your business. Our program model is designed to be applied across all industries we work with.
The Deep-dive analysis and executable growth plan.
The Deep-Dive stage is a paid two-plus-hour deeper assessment and analysis (leveraging your prior Discover responses) that compares the company against 18 value drivers, 78 sub-drivers, and thousands of comparable businesses--allowing us to create a more detailed and accurate report and analysis.
Plus, with CFO LOGIC as your advisor, we can generate an Executable Growth Plan covering 144 areas to help the company grow and maximize value. The plan shows the value of each task in advance, ranks based on ease of implementation, and tracks the dollar value your services create over time.

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